Nir Sharon, Israeli Traveling Photographer

Photography in tours and trips in Israel and photography trips abroad is intended for a wide audience of travelers who want professional documentation or wish to be present 100 percent on their trip without interference, it is best for every kind of travelling (in or out of Israel):

  • For individuals.
  • For couples.
  • For groups of friends.
  • For organized tours.
  • For company trips.
  • And for every type and …

What trips are we talking about?

The service is available for any kind of trip /tour, anywhere, for any period of time and at any time: Photography during tours in Israel for groups of friends, companies that carry out employee trips, organized tours as well as photography during trips abroad for individuals, groups and more.


You are invited to be a friend and join my Facebook page, on the right side of the screen, and for more information about the possibility of taking me as a photographer in your next trip, please contact me directly through the contact page.

Photography During tours in Israel | Photography during trips abroad
“Professional documentation of your trip, collecting, tagging and editing your photos into a lifetime photo album …”

Galleries and examples of my photography style